Your Windshield And Winter

You have a lot to think about with regards to your car in the winter. You need to be sure you have tires on it that will handle ice and snow conditions, make sure your heater is in working order, and take care of anything else that concerns you about your car so you can avoid breaking down on the wintery roadside. However, your windshield is one more thing you need to make sure is on your list of must-dos. There are a number of things you want to know about your windshield and winter weather that can help prevent you from finding yourself in a bad situation.

Don't rush snow and ice removal

When you go out to your car and see there is ice and/or snow on your windshield, you don't want to rush the removal process, even if you are running late. If you rush the removal process, then you can end up damaging or even breaking your windshield.

There are memes online showing false information for snow removal tips, such as telling people to use very hot water on their windshield to remove ice quickly. Doing this can shatter your windshield. You should even put the defroster on low to avoid heating the windshield up too fast. Instead of looking for ways to get around ice removal correctly, take your time and do it right. Use an ice scraper designed for this purpose or the defroster. Don't use anything else, such as your credit card or any other plastic things, because they can scratch the windshield.

Prevent ice on the windshield if you rush in the morning

If you know you tend to get in a rush in the morning, then you should take the appropriate steps to prevent yourself from needing to deal with a windshield covered in snow and ice to begin with. Parking in the garage can be a good option, but only if you don't have a heated driveway or know you're going to have a lot of snow to shovel because you parked in the driveway. Cover your windshield with a tarp to help if you can't park your car in a covered place.

Have damaged windshields replaced

If you have a damaged windshield, then the best thing you can do is to get it repaired or replaced before those freezing temps arrive. The freezing temperatures, the snow, and the ice all put your windshield under a lot of stress, and that stress can make a damaged windshield worse. Driving with a windshield that's not in good condition is a safety risk and puts you at risk for getting a ticket as well. Contact a local windshield replacement service for help.

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You have a lot to think about with regards to your car in the winter. You need to be sure you have tires on it that will handle ice and snow condition