3 Dangerous Reasons Your Semi-Truck May Need Mobile Repair

A semi-truck has its benefits. With its large amount of space, it is a great way to transport large quantities of product, equipment, supplies, and other items across long distances. Unfortunately, because of its size and weight, the semi-truck can difficult to operate and maintain. Thousands of deaths occur each year because of accidents involving semi-trucks and improper maintenance and issues with the actual truck are a common cause of these accidents. This guide will help you understand a few dangerous reasons why you may require mobile repair, which can reduce your risk of an accident.

Brake Malfunctions

A semi-truck is large, heavy, and powerful. Therefore, it uses more energy and effort to stop. This extra force, from the weight and the power of the truck, causes an increased amount of heat and stress on the disc and drum brakes.

Without proper maintenance and even replacements, the semi-truck will lose its ability to brake quickly in an emergency situation. In some instances, the brakes may fail completely. Both of these situations can lead to dangerous accidents not only involving you and your truck, but other drivers and vehicles on the road.

If your truck is not stopping as quickly as before or you are noticing the truck is pulling or pushing when you apply the brakes, you may require a brake service. This should be done as soon as possible-even if you are on currently on the road.

Worn Tires

Because they are the main contact your truck has with the road, your tires are also important. Tires with worn tread are a common cause of accidents, especially accidents involving semi-trucks, so understanding when and if your tires need to be replaced is imperative.

Check your tires to determine if you have sufficient tread. Also, inspect the sidewalls for signs of distress that may include cracks, cuts, and grooves.

If your truck feels wobbly at times, especially when applying your brakes, have the tires and brake system evaluated. The wobbly sensation may stem from unbalanced tires, worn tire tread, or failing brakes – all which can lead to dangerous accidents.

Electrical Issues

The electrical system of your truck is comprised of a few key parts, such as the alternator, starter, and battery. You may be surprised to learn that there are many electrical issues that will prevent your truck from operating in a safe and effective manner.

If the truck will not start up properly or you are noticing lights on your computer system, have the system evaluated. Small issues may cause your electrical system to fail, so even light corrosion around your battery terminals should be addressed quickly. Contact a mobile truck repair service for more help.

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