Unusual Uses For Used Freightliner Trucks

Used Freightliner trucks for sale are of special interest to truckers and shipping companies. However, that is not the limit of what you can do with a used Freightliner truck. In fact, you can use a Freightliner (or semi-truck) for all of the following and more unusual uses. 

Monster Truck Rally

Used trucks are perfect for monster truck rally shows because the owners of these traveling truck shows do not have to buy trucks at brand-new prices. Instead, they can save some money buying the used trucks, which can then be used either in the show or to haul all of the vehicles down the road to the next performance venue. Whether you own or work for a monster truck show, it helps to know where you can get semi-trucks for far less money when you need another truck for hauling or for the show. 

Hauling Circuses

Circuses used to come to town on circus trains. They were big deals, followed by even bigger deals known as circus parades through town. Now, it is too dangerous to parade tiger cages and elephants through loud, bustling cities. Instead, the animals are loaded into special carriers pulled by Freightliners. These circuses cannot be without trucks, so when one truck fails, it has to be replaced immediately in order for the entire circus to continue its usual tour. Purchasing a used truck helps keep circus costs low so that attendees at the circus do not have to pay more for tickets. 

Hauling Your Enormous Yacht or Sailboat Over Land

If you are wealthy, or you just won the lottery, you might purchase a very large boat, probably a yacht or sailboat. The problem with buying these huge boats is transportation. They have to be hauled long distances from the boat manufacture. If you do not retrieve the boat yourself, you have to pay extremely large freight fees. If you have your own semi-truck, you can haul your own immense boat over land to the body of water of your choice. All you need is a driver, or, if you are licensed to drive a semi-truck, a used semi-truck to do the job yourself. 

Counterweights in Prow-Heavy Freighters

Yes, it sounds weird, but it works. Freighters are ocean-going cargo vessels, but sometimes they have a little too much cargo loaded in the front half of the vessel. To balance things out, the shipping line uses really heavy objects in the stern of the vessel. Used Freightliners are ideal because they are exceptionally heavy, and if any of them are damaged or lost at sea, it is not as bad as losing really important cargo.

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